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What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the work done to help improve a search engine’s opinion of your website. 

The goal is to increase your website traffic from Organic Search and is achieved by increasing your rankings for keywords relating to your business.

Ultimately, search engines like Google want to provide the most relevant results to their users. To achieve this, search engines evaluate over 200 largely undocumented signals to determine where your website should rank for a given keyword or phrase.

How SEO Works

Search Engine Optimisation can be grouped into three main categories:

Technical SEO

Google needs to be able to easily read and understand your website so it can update its index on what it thinks your website is about. Technical SEO checks no issues are preventing your site from being indexed.

Search Engines also prefer websites that load fast, have clear navigation, are secure, are easy to read, have a well-written site-map, and provide a good experience for visitors.

On-Page SEO

This focuses on the keywords and content of your website. It also includes finding opportunities to expand the content on your site based on demand. Each web page should have a clear purpose and be well written. 

It should also contain structure like; a title, meta- description, headings and enough text to give your audience something to read. Google wants and will rank higher, websites that provide authoritative content.

Off-Page SEO

What made Google better than other search engines in the early days of the web was the way it measured how websites link to each other. 

Google sees this as a vote of confidence. However, not all links are equal. A link from a well-known and popular website to yours gives a much stronger vote than lots of links from low quality or spam websites.

Off-page SEO researches websites that might be prepared to link to yours and reaches out to them. It also looks to remove links from low-quality websites that may cause harm to your rankings.

SEO Services

Local SEO

Keyword Research

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Project Steps

Measurement Setup

This is a fully customised installation of several free online services from Google that monitor and reports how your website is performing. The data obtained from this includes the who, where, when, what and how many visitors visit your website.

Website Health Check

In this audit, I discover and address any technical issues that may be negatively affecting Google’s opinion of your website. This includes analysing websites that contain links to yours, ensuring their website is of high value.

Keyword Analysis

Using premium SEO research tools, I build out a list of the keywords and phrases you are currently being found for, along with the keywords you want to be found for. Using these tools, we can independently monitor your rankings as well as the level of demand and competition for each of those keywords.

Competitor Analysis

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